Die Summe der Elemente at Kanya Berlin Project Space

The Kanya Berlin Project Space is invaded and transformed by paper artist Simon Schubert. His latest exhibition Die Summe der Elemente opens in accordance with Berlin Art Week and is a fascinating insight for those unfamiliar with Schubert’s unique practice. By folding paper, Schubert successfully creates a detailed interior architecture that lies somewhere between 2D and 3D and possesses a typically baroque style.

An entire room in the project space is covered over by several pieces white paper, and at first glance one would think that the white room is plain and empty. On closer inspection, all that is visible is but an impression of the internal structure of a room. The creases suggest a grand room with exquisite paneling while one wall gives the impression of a corridor travelling off into the distance due to an accurate and realistic perspective. It is quite unfathomable that Schubert has achieved this level of detail and realism by making such precise folds in paper.

Aside from the constructed room, one other piece is featured here. A row of 12 sheets of white paper, identical in size and shape are mounted on the wall, each residing in their own frame of white folded paper. The scene again is the same in each image, depicting a narrow corridor with paneling along the lower half of the walls and a single large window at the end. However one aspect that changes is a reflection of the sunlight shining through the window onto the floor. The artist interestingly maps the progression of light throughout the day, portraying the change of movement in each image. Lit from either sides of the strip, the folded impressions are more visible and defined. The overall result is imaginative and effective and visitors are left to wonder and marvel at the creative skill of the artist.


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