Ausstellung 61 at EXILE

Coinciding with Berlin Art Week, EXILE is host to the collective show Ausstellung 61 that opens the new gallery space. Curator and gallery owner Christian Siekmeier assembles artists that have an existing relationship with the gallery to create an eclectic collection of different artistic styles and themes.

The first room of the exhibition displays works by TM Davy, Aggtelek, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Katharina Marszewski and Erik Niedling. With an unusual technique, Untitled #2 (Pyrmaid Paintings) by Niedling draws attention due to its mesmerizing effect. Expressed on a large scale, jagged fractals of black soot mark the off-white canvas. The monochrome result is striking and hypnotic.

Continuing in the second room, participating artists include Martin Kohout, Gwenn Thomas, Christpohe De Rohan Chabot and more. Born in New York City, artist Jordan Nassar exhibits one of his hand-embroidered  pieces Untitled(Pinstripe). Utilising his international and culturally rich heritage, Nassar creates his embroidery on aida cloth, the elaborate stitching style and design influenced by his mixed heritage. The piece is understated: a pure white background with just two panels of white and pale blue cotton stitching that intersect one another.

In complete contrast to this piece, Stunt (performance at 181 Chrystie Street, 1981) by Kazuko Miyamoto is quite an exhibitionistic spectacle. Made of roughly 44 pieces pieced together to create one image, it is a unique and rare photocopy. The final image shows the artist with her legs in the air in a dramatic pose in front of one of her sculptural structures. What makes it so ostentatious is the fact that with the exception of an eye mask, the artist is naked. It is attention-grabbing and one of the most interesting pieces in the show.


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