Lunchkonzert in Berliner Philharmonie

Each week, the Berliner Philharmonie hold lunchtime concerts in the large, unusually shaped foyer that are free and open to the public. This week, audiences were enthralled by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Alexander Skrjabin and Claude Debussy, performed by pianist Anna Kurasawa and violinist Helmut Mebert. It was fantastic to see how packed out the venue was, with such a variety of people of all ages and nationalities. The audience was welcomed to occupy any space they could find: some peered down from the balcony above, others positioned themselves on the ascending, spiraling staircases while the rest stood or sat down in front and around the performance space. There was a wonderful sense of inclusion with everyone having come together to hear the music.

Beginning with Mozart, Kurasawa and Mebert performed Sonate B-Dur für Klavier und Violine KV 454 of three movements. While they concluded the concert together with Debussy’s Sontae für Violine und Klavier g-Moll, the middle piece by Skrjabin was most capturing. Performed solely by Kurasawa, she played Fantasie für Klavier h-moll op.28 passionately in a way that was infectious, driving the audience to really feel the music. It was a thoroughly enjoyable concert and a perfect break in the day.


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