2 Complicated by Daniël Henry Kaes

Catching up from last week, a colleague of mine Mike Wain has just finished directing his first play with Punchline Theatre. Written by Daniël Henry Kaes, 2 Complicated is a modern comedy that explores the dating world of the 21st century. Following its success in Brighton, the production moved to the Baron’s Court Theatre to entertain more audiences in London. Positioned under a pub, the theatre provides a cosy and intimate setting for the play with seating that almost completely encircles the stage. The simplicity of stage design indicates the setting of the play whilst compelling the audience to use their imagination too. The whole atmosphere created is very raw and real; this is likewise reflected in the plot and the characters.

The play follows the life of a young man and his romantic endeavours that weave a twisted web of complications. It is comical and interesting to see the portrayal of the difficulties one man possesses when trying to maintain a long distance relationship with technological advances of the modern world such as Skype, whilst resisting (or failing to!) other temptations. An interesting externalisation of the protagonist’s subconscious is portrayed which proves to be the most comical character of the small cast. Played by Thomas Schlordt, the Scottish subconscious conveys the internal battles many people have with themselves on a daily basis. From a female’s perspective, this character was especially remarkable as it provides an insight to the male mind, something that was also evident in the male-written script. Well-written and witty, the script and the actors keep the audience in hysterics.


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