Weston Sand Sculpture Festival

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival exhibits an array of amazing sculptures that have featured in previous years of the festival, including brand new and unseen designs. Situated in Weston-super-Mare, the sand sculptures created are made possible by the particular texture of the sharp-edged and dense local sand, enabling the sculptors to create some of the world’s most impressive sand sculptures. Fifteen professional sculptors have successfully created an extraordinary exhibition this year, with such realism that visitors would not believe possible to have been created from sand.

On entering, visitors are greeted with the fantastic contours and aggressive expression that forms the imposing 2006 sculpture of King Kong. Continuing on past his intense stare, each feature has a little description of its sculptor and the year it was displayed in the festival. It is an exciting experience to journey along the walkway, whilst these detailed and realistic sculptures tower overhead with the sound of the ocean waves crashing nearby. One of my favourite sculptures is from the 2007 show, presenting Fairy Tales. Hansel and Gretal is one of the featured stories; the sculpture exquisitely and intricately portrays a woodland scene from the familiar tale. Further on, more well-known characters such as the grotesque-looking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland bring further magic to the display, as well as contemporary characters such as Elsa from Frozen.

Walking through the venue, visitors are continuously surprised by each new theme they encounter, from Continents to Fun and Games. These sand sculptures are artistically designed, perfectly executed and impossibly realistic, providing a brilliant attraction on the beach of Weston-super-Mare. The final piece to round of the 10th anniversary is a ginormous birthday cake that rises up in the middle of the collection. I was lucky enough to see this huge creation being completed!


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