The Top Ten Reasons I’m Amazing!

During the last two weekends, I assisted with the making of a short film called ‘The Top Ten Reasons I’m Amazing’. There couldn’t be a better title and I have no doubt that the film will be AMAZING when it comes out! The film is about two children, best friends, who take us back to the 1990’s so as you can imagine, there were a lot of great costumes. Chosen by the Film London Short Film Fund and supported by the BFI and Creative Skillset, the film was produced by HMT Productions and shot in various locations across East London. There were quite a few steadicam shots so I had to stand in the middle of the road trying to stop traffic while they were filming these. However, I am quite short and clearly not able to look official or authoritative even wearing a high visibility jacket as several cars completely ignored me and would just not stop (!). All of the filming still went well, it was so much fun and the crew were all great to work with. I can’t give away too much of what was involved in the making, but the film will definitely be worth seeing when it comes out!


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