The Art of Creating Believable Worlds with the Walt Disney Animation Studios

Taking place at the Curzon Soho, I was fortunate enough to meet and listen to a talk by Michael Giaimo and Mohit Kallianpur, the Art Director and Director of Cinematography and Lighting for Disney’s award winning Frozen. It was so absorbing and inspirational that I barely know what to say, I certainly was lost for words when I met them! Both directors spoke in depth about every aspect of the visual research and development for the environment, costumes and colour script for the film. It was amazing to gain insight to these processes and creation of the Frozen world, as well as find out more about the directors themselves. I was childishly pleased to learn that Giaimo and I both hold a common love of saturation and colour, a trait that comes out clearly in the vibrant and stunning film!

Frozen, like most other Disney films (in my opinion) is practically a moving piece of art; almost any individual frame is a perfect picture host to excellent cinematography and design. Listening to Giaimo and Kallianpur talk about their journey through the creation of Frozen really brought home to me all the reasons I chose to do my degree in Computer Animation Arts. My friend and I both left feeling very creative! The talk was so motivating and was such a wonderful experience.


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