Momentum, in the long, dark Curve…

Ever since it was advertised, I was intrigued and wanted to visit the United Visual Artist’s  experience, Momentum, at the Barbican. I finally got a chance to go during the late night opening last week and was very glad that I did. When you enter into the Curve, you find a huge dark tunnel, with swinging pendulums that emit changing lights and sounds. It sounds bizarre and is a very unusual sensation to walk through. I sat down somewhere in the middle of the tunnel to get relaxed and so that I could sit back and simply observe. The longer I sat there, the more atmospheric and hypnotic it became. It is difficult to convey the experience, but watching the lights rotating in different ways and creating various patterns on the walls of the tunnel made me feel a sort of weightlessness, like I was in outer space. The pulsating noises also add to this effect and make it very easy to lose yourself and achieve a stillness of the mind. It is definitely worth a visit, and I would suggest taking your time whilst in there.


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