Body Langauge

Visiting the Saatchi gallery is always in intriguing experience, the exhibitions that have been on display there over the years are host to diverse and unique artistic styles. I visited the current exhibition ‘Body Language’, which again presented a huge variety of painting and sculptures that depicted the human figure in many different ways. I found that with several of the painters, it was evident to see the other artists they had been influenced by, both in artistic style as well as subject.

There is a point of interest to discuss with each other artists exhibiting here, so I will just highlight one room that caught my eye. Gallery 5 was host to two artists, Denis Tarasov and Marianne Vitale, who both had a mutual theme of tombstones. As morbid as that sounds, in my opinion it was a wonderful room as it had Vitale’s reclaimed wood tombstones distributed evenly throughout the room with Tarasov’s photographs of Russia’s carved granite tombstones overlooking them from the walls. The photographs were fascinating as I had never seen tombstones like that before, with carvings of the deceased on them. The carvings were so detailed and had an amazing photographic accuracy, and it felt like the actual person was stood above their grave watching you. The graveyard these tombstones are from reside in a lush forest, the saturation of which stood out from the monotone tombstones. I think that having the two artists together in the same room worked really well as it felt unified and brought the audience into the environment that was created.


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