‘I’ve Got Something You Need’ Music Video Shoot

It was such a manic but exciting day at Camberwell Film Studios yesterday working as a runner for the talented artist Loredana Margineanu’s new music video. With around 30 people working on the shoot altogether, there was a lot to do and I was kept very busy!

The main shot involved the camera panning on a large circle track around the artist and dancers, with a huge length of cable needed (as the cameras light would not work unless plugged in to the mains). This meant that I had to run after the dolly with another camera assistant feeding the lead in one direction and then picking it up as the camera went in the opposite direction. It was very stressful and confusing to say the least, ensuring the cable didn’t get tangled or caught in the track and trying to keep out of shot (!), but it was still enjoyable and luckily everything ran smoothly.

The rest of the day involved helping out with building up and breaking down various sets and props. Although it was a long day, it was so much fun and it was great to work with such a talented and experienced crew.


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