Wimbledon Studios Art Show

I decided to volunteer for the Wimbledon Studios Art Show November 2013, partly for experience but also because I just love art and wanted to have a look around myself. I am so glad I volunteered as it was so much fun! My first shift was an evening one, it was very quiet so I had the chance to look around at the art and speak to some of the artists. It was so inspiring and fascinating to speak to the artists, learn about their individual journeys and find out how and why they came to produce their artwork. It was great that they were all encouraging too, when they learned I was a recent graduate/emerging artist.

During another shift, I was approached by Artistically Speaking, who were filming the event and interviewing artists, visitors and people working there. As I was a volunteer, they wanted to interview me too, to find out why I had volunteered and what my opinion of the event was. They also asked if there was any artist I would recommend seeing – fortunately I had managed to have a look around already so I was familiar with some of the artists and their practices too. As I mentioned during the interview, one of my favourite artists was Bill Bate. His paintings were magical, with an underwater theme running through them, there was typically a nude figure floating under the water too. The most absorbing part of the paintings is Bate’s use of light. He perfectly illuminates the figures with light refractions created by the water, also capturing the beautiful hues of the ocean.

The show was brilliant with a spectacular diversity of art practices, definitely one to visit in the future!


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