Haroshi: Pain

Browsing through the internet to find out what’s on in London, I came across an advert for the opening night of Haroshi’s exhibition at the Stolen Space Gallery in London. I had a quick look at his style of work online before deciding that it was one I definitely wanted to see. The opening night was packed out and there was a great atmosphere. Haroshi’s work was remarkable and like something I had never seen before – he created his sculptures by recycling old skateboards. The vibrant sculptures stood out against the brick walls of the gallery and it was fascinating to try and work out how they had been created. I think my favourite piece was the sculpture of Haroshi’s own head, the face bearing a distorted expression of pain. To top my night of, I actually met Haroshi and despite a slight language barrier, was able to talk to him a bit. He was also willing to pose next to his sculpted self and mimic the expression for a photo! (Excuse the terrible lighting in the photograph, I only used my phone to take it).



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